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"Oh, my!"

Look at what I stumbled across on Tumblr!

James Baxter, you are awesome.
Okay, I've really gotta start following traditional animators online because I'm terrible at this.

EDIT AT 5:26 P.M.: I've found some more concept art!

Ahhh, look at Miguel! :-D

'The gods are speaking for themselves now this city and these people have no need for you anymore'.jpg

A little taste of heaven...

Oh, my God, I discovered this bit from the original motion picture score and I'm in love.

It's like getting a tiny sample of what almost was...ugh, I love it so much but it absolutely kills me at the same time....
(Also, the original YouTube link is here!)


Eighteen years!

'The Road to El Dorado' Eighteen Year Banner.png

Happy El Dorado day! :-D

So...about that original canon....

I was scrolling through Tumblr and stumbled upon some more concept art! In one piece, Miguel and Tulio are in the jungle and they're holding hands!


EDIT AT 12:21 A.M.: Also, also!

A post shared by Jasmine ZXL (@juubus) on

Marching band was never that epic for me!

I'm reading comments on YouTube videos about The Road to El Dorado and someone said that they'd played "Saving El Dorado" for their marching band one year. What the heeeelll, oh, my God. I'm so indescribably envious and excited right now...I would've absolutely died to have been able to see that performance (let alone play in it).
So I just bought another thing. Oh, Lordy, ahaha.

'Road to El Dorado' film cell display.jpg

It was pretty cheap and I got the last one, too. :-D

This is absolutely killing me....

Uuugh, why, DreamWorks, must you ruin my dreams? Why must you bring me so close to them only to snatch them away?
Anyway. Haha. So I found the background for the below blurred image of Miguel and Tulio on After Hours Animation School's Tumblr page.

Blurred Image.png

Further proof they took it out of the movie maybeeee OMG.jpg

Boom, there it is—almost undeniable proof that this shot of Miguel and Tulio was originally in the movie (when it was released in theaters). (And you thought I couldn't be convinced before...ha!)

EDIT AT 1:22 A.M.: Oh, another piece of proof? A few days ago I actually found a photo of a small poster with the screenshot on it over at RoadToElDorado on Tumblr.

no title

(It's in the upper right corner!)


I've made a masterpiece!

Phoebus versus Tulio.png

(I seriously love this so much though, ahaha. I intersperse Tulio's roles and lines with other roles and lines of Kevin's in my head all the time and it's always a blast, ahaha. /crazy)

Still going strong and posting!

Another oh, my God for the night. I came across this text by another fan over on Tumblr. This has been my dream for years, but I've especially been feeling it lately.

My dream in words.png

Sobbing GIF.gif Tulio crying.png



Oh, my God, this is without question the funniest thing I've come across this year. Kill me now.

This was almost too funny to save.gif

It's gonna take a while for me to recover from this particular bout of hilarity, I think....
(The .GIF itself was made by RoadToElDorado on Tumblr!)