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Well, it's official, folks: it's been ten years since The Road to El Dorado was released in theaters! To celebrate, I made a huge banner...:-D. It's hiding under the cut!Collapse )

Also, I've finally figured out how to watch the movie backwards! I'm going to try and upload the parts of it onto YouTube here real soon--actually, I'm hoping I'll have 'em up by tomorrow. Maybe I could confuse a few people in spirit of April Fool's...8D.
Oh, and speaking of YouTube...I learned something this morning concerning the trailer!Collapse )

Ten years...holy ship.


P.S.: Sorry if you see this twice! I cross-posted it to eldorado, lol.


I used to get sad over this, too, but then I eventually came to the conclusion that I'm personally glad that it hasn't been messed with...:-P. Sure, it's not Disney and a potential sequel probably wouldn't be in the hands of Michael Eisner, but I think I'm just going to be content with the original masterpiece, as faulty as it may be in itself...:-D.


El Dorado secrets time!

There are two El Dorado secrets posted today! And then I've been catching up with fandomsecrets and I've found lots more, too...:-D.
Here's the first one from today, which is completely understandable, in my opinion...>:-D.

(It was at this moment for me when I officially fell in love with Miguel's expressions--this is definitely one of my faves...:-D.)

Some more under here!Collapse )


This is too perfect.

TeasingTemptation posted this on the NaNoWriMo forum.

To anyone interested, this is Tulio.
I brought Tulio to life on MS Paint two nights ago on a random idea of motivation. Don't ask me why his name is Tulio, he wanted that name and wouldn't accept any others. I want you to save Tulio to your computer and set him as your desktop.
Whenever you stop writing, Tulio is always there behind the tab. You're just one minimizing away from Tulio's wrath. Tulio gets angry when you stop writing and will threaten you to finish your novel so that your characters can have their happy or depressing endings. He doesn't care. He just demands that you finish your novel and move on.

It's too bad I'm handwriting my novel and don't have my own computer, otherwise I would totally set him as my desktop...XD.
So, for anyone else on my f-list behind on their NaNo novels (like me), just think of Tulio and get writing again!



Finally...after writing over 20,000 words of my NaNoWriMo novel (titled The Random Misadventures of Miguel and Tulio!), I finally wrote a page that captured Miguel and Tulio's characters. I wrote it a few nights ago and since I'm still excited over it I'm gonna share it!

Excerpt under here!Collapse )

(Cross-posted to eldorado...:-P!)


Three questions.

I was given three questions concerning my love for The Road to El Dorado by kageotogi in a meme and I figured I should post my answers here, too...:-P.

And the questions are...Collapse )

If you guys want to answer the questions as well then, by all means, go right ahead...:-D.


"El Dorado" moments...in Europe!

Hey, everyone! I don't know why I haven't posted this here yet, since it's been more than three years since I took that trip to Europe, but I'm finally sharing it. (It was actually lemon31 who indirectly motivated me to post this...8D.) When I was there I was absolutely obsessed with El Dorado and inevitably had a few experiences that brought the movie to mind...:-D.

Read about them under here! (Entries from my journal during the trip are included.)Collapse )

So have you guys ever had any experiences or seen anyone that made your head scream "EL DORADO!"?


Random question is indeed random.

Poll #1441150 In an alternate and modern universe...

Who do you think would be the better driver--Tulio or Miguel?

I say Tulio!
I say Miguel!
I say Chel would be the best driver!

I personally think Tulio would be better than Miguel at driving. He might be extra cautious or get impatient with other drivers, but Miguel would get too distracted...XD. (I've been thinking of drawing a comic with Miguel struggling to read a bumper sticker and Tulio saying "Watch the road!" but...if you think about it, it doesn't make much sense, lol.)



Quickie entry!

Ahaha, this is a sweet piece of art...:-D.
Also, I came across some more con photos!

Yeah, I just posted an hour ago, but a question has popped into my head: what would The Road to El Dorado be like if it had been made not by DreamWorks, but by Disney?
I'm pretty sure if it had been produced by Disney, Miguel and Tulio would have sung "The Trail We Blaze"...heck, Miguel probably would have sung "Without Question", Elton John would've sung a love song for Chel and Tulio, and Tzekel-Kan would've had his own villain song (which was actually an idea DreamWorks had, I'm pretty sure).
What do you guys think? (Heh, maybe we could all put our ideas together and make a picspam or fanart...8D.)